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If you are interested in buying sheep please get in touch and we will do our best to send you all the details you need. Or click here to see sheep currently for sale

Corby Glen Sheep Fair, Monday 5th October 2014

I will be attending Corby Glen Sheep Fair on Monday 6th October with 4 Shearling rams, ALL within the top 5% of the Signet Recording Scheme. E-mail me for further details. Devastating news - Corby Glen sheep fair has been cancelled! I will post new date when it is known. Rearranged - 7 Oct at Melton Mowbray!

Cockleby Jumping Jack

Cockleby Jumping Jack was the second highest recorded stock sire in 2009.

Semen is now avaliable at £30 a straw.


Semen is now avaliable from Ortum Supersire 06,  Ortum Supersire '05 and Ortum Tops '04

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Please feel free to contact us via email, for what sheep are available for sale privately or for details of auctions we will be attending.

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Shearling rams, Ram lambs and a select few females.