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Our breeding aims was to produce a well fleshed ram to compliment any cross bred female, increasing the conformation of its progeny and getting it to a marketable weight as quick as possible, with as little input, labour and feed, possible.

To achieve this we have used up to date recording programmes, leaving the the traditional (show type Suffolk) and developing a fleshed New Zealand type animal from British genetics, this also now includes recording for lamb vigour and alertness at birth, at which I am surprised how easy the young lambs look after themselves, with them on their feet within minuites and quicker to find the teat.

Along with this their superior growth rate and better muscling, second to non in the UK performance figures. These genetics will improve your returns, on your sheep enterprise and ease the lambing workload.


Premier Suffolk breeders

- formerly Suffolk Sire Reference

We have been members of the SSRS since the early 1990’s and from a high starting rank being 8th flock in 1995, due to our policy of selection before joining, we have managed still to increase scan weight by 8kg and eye muscle depth by 3.5mm by the year 2007. The weight gain equates to almost an extra pound in weight a week.

Premier Suffolk Breeders