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Bentley Royal Standard. New stock ram, purchased with Matthew Prince at Shrewsbery Sale (2010) for 5,200 Gns.

Lincolnshire Show 2014
Carcase Competition 3rd Prize

I was pleased with third prize at the County show in June. The Lincolnshire Agricultural Society sponsored my Nuffield scholarship, which was the study of genetics in sheep, therefore I like to support the show where I can.

Lincs Quality Beef Lamb & Pork Christmas Carcase Show 2008

In this competition we entered one carcase, which achieved Supreme Champion. The other four carcases in the top 5 were sired by rams purchased from our flock. Our breeding has focused on producing good carcased animals, I am thrilled with these results as they confirm the progress we have made.

Supreme Champion Carcase

NSA Event of 2008
Three Counties Showground

Charles Harding president of the Suffolk Sheep Society invited me to take two rams to place on the CTS stand at the NSA event on the 30th July 2008. It was an extremely well attended event with many showing interest at the stand. I was delighted to be invited to the event and throughly enjoyed the day.

Ortum Sheep Go Abroad

In 2007 three rams were sold to Northern Ireland, and progeny results were good, with Ortum 444 [J6] now holding 11th position for stock sires, both Ortum five hundred and Ortum magic both achieving figures on the second page.

In 2008 10 shearling ewes and 2 rams were exported to Holland. I am looking forward to reading about their progeny.

Top recorded ram lamb of 2007
sired by Supersire '06 above

Top Ram 2007

Supersire 2006

Ortum Supersire 2006 top recorded ram of 2006, with scan weight 13.86kg muscle depth of 6.89mm and fat depth 0.87mm. He was sire of the top recorded ram lamb of 2007 sold at Shrewsbury for 5200gns, see below. Gigot score for Ortum Supersire 2006 is 8.17 top of breed.

H5 Supersire

Ortum Supershire 2006 Scan

8wk Scan Mus Dep Fat Dep Giget Index
8.34kg 13.86kg 6.89mm 0.87mm 8.17 6.59

Ortum Supersire 2005 Scan

8wk Scan Mus Dep Fat Dep Giget Index
8.19kg 12.96kg 7.60mm 1.38mm 5.08 5.63

EBLEX Open Evening hosted at Glebe Farm

On the 5th of August we hosted an EBLEX open evening. The release of the Signet recorded figures on the 4th of July, revealed that our rams have excelled by comparison to other breeders, with 12 of our home bred rams out of the 24 appearing on the first page and 15 of those 24 were sired by Ortum rams. We welcomed many to this event and spent much time explaining the financial advantages of using these rams.

Export to Germany and the Netherlands 22.10.13

This week we exported 2 Ram Lambs to Germany, they were high indexed Rams.

Also in the same consignment were 5 in-lamb Ewes for Patrick Haccou in the Netherlands.

We were delighted to see some photos from Patrick shortly after he had settled the Ewes in.

The Ewes had been artificially inseminated, semen from Ram of Patricks choice.

We scanned the Ewes pre-export to check in-lamb.


Ram lambs recordings 2009

We are proud to announce that 35 out of the top 70 recorded ram lambs in 2009 are Ortum bred!

Carcase Top 5 Line Up
H5 Scan
Ortum Supersire 2006 Scan
F49 Scan
Ortum Supersire 2005 Scan

Recently produced Rams by the Ortum flock

In both 2005 and 2006 Ortum rams were selected as Supersires by the sire reference group. Both sons of Ortum tops 2004 which I considered a plain but well fleshed animal. He was the 5th highest figured ram of 2004 with good growth rate and the top figured muscle depth of 6.78mm astonishing, (average for year was 3.63).

Supersire 2005

Ortum Supersire 2005 8th highest recorded ram of year with the deepest muscle depth of 7.60mm and 12.96kg growth rate however his fat scan let him down being 1.38mm. Semen available, please ask for more details.
Supersire 2005