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For years we have worked towards one goal and not deviated from our beliefs, unfortunately there has been much criticism from the traditional 'show Suffolk breeders'. This page should give more insight into our beliefs and goals. Richard

Quote from Shane Conway - EBLEX Breeding Specialist.

"It is necessary for buyers to remove the influence of non-genetic differences from what they see. Otherwise their judgement may be biased towards animals that are better fed. Rather than those better bred."
QUOTE FOUND: Cattle Breeder Magazine, Spring 2013

The benefits of better breeding in the Scottish sheep sector - 2012

100 ewes high indexed Ram/100 ewes farmers
First years Plus 1.19 per lamb/Second year Plus 3.32 each.
Since then set up their own flock and bought a stock ram off me.
More money for lambs.
Save on feed, less time on farm.
More grass for ewes.
Easier lambing.