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Quality Lincoln Red Beef and Suffolk lamb is now available from our farm, with ‘less food miles’ to travel.
We have meat vacuum packed, ready to be purchased, however, if you would like to order a quarter or half a side, or have specific requirements for cuts of meat then please telephone for further information and orders.

Lincoln Red Beef is renowned for marbling resulting in marvelous texture and flavour, allowing the meat to be succulent and tender when cooked.
Our herd has been bred from stock dating back to the 1930’s from my Grandfather’s herd. It is a ‘closed herd’, therefore no females have been purchased for over 60 years, enabling healthy stock and complete traceability.
The cattle are traditionally reared on home produced food and can be seen grazing along the Bain valley.
The meat is given time to mature before being vacuum packed and ready for sale and immediately delivered back to the farm to be frozen.
The meat can be delivered fresh to your door should an order be placed in advance, or is available freshly frozen.

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